Extremism and hate will feature in Saturday’s demonstration – because the Home Secretary has sent them an invitation

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This is from the front page of The Times today:

The story has been widely reported: Twitter produced the above clip.

There are some things we have to assume about this. The first is that Sunak approved the article: anything written by a minister has to go through Downing Street for approval prior to publication. We should read this as a reflection of Tory policy in that case.

Second, this means that the government is now questioning the operational independence of the police - something that it is not meant to do.

Third, the implication is obvious. The Tories - and we cannot say that this is an action by Barverman alone - want the police to act in accordance with Tory party prejudice and not the law.

So, we have to conclude, fourthly, that the Tories have given up any pretence of using the instruments of state in accordance with the rule of law and do instead wish to use them solely in their own interests. I keep talking about fascism: this is a clear sign of how close we now are to it.

Braverman is clearly out of control.

Sunak clearly thinks himself powerless to do anything about it.

Meanwhile, extremism and hate will feature in Saturday's demonstration - because the Home Secretary has sent them an invitation.

I hope it is peaceful. I know full well that there will be those on the sidelines who intend otherwise.

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