Sue-Ellen Cassiana, Minister of the Crown

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Regular readers will have noted me sharing poems from Steve Pottinger over the years. He is the poet who wrote the classic take on Starbucks (which is well worth watching if you have never seen it)

Here's his latest, published yesterday, shared with his permission:

Sue-Ellen Cassiana, Minister of the Crown

she's out there on a hate march 
every time she walks the dog
she got thrown out of keep fit
because she goose-stepped when they jogged
she's a dead-eyed doe-eyed knock off
of 30p Lee
Braverwotsit, Home Secretary.

she sneers at virtue signalling
prefers to signal vice
in case you were in any doubt
she isn't very nice
even Buddha has disowned her
says “Christ! She's nowt to do with me”
Braverwotsit, Home Secretary.

she sees living in a tent
as a lifestyle choice
her specialist subject's punching down
at folk who lack a voice 
if you want someone to sow division
then it's got to be
Braverwotsit, Home Secretary.

she lies about her law career
she lies about her name
she's climbing up the greasy pole
with no principles or shame
she's a faking far-right footnote
in history
she's Braverwotsit, Home Secretary.

© Steve Pottinger 7 November 2023

Steve's poetry is worth reading. His books are available from Ignite Books.

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