Was Rishi Sunak really so stupid?

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Amongst the evidence from Lee Cain, Boris Johnson's press secretary, to the Covid inquiry was this:

The particular line I am referring to is the last, which says:

Rishi says bond markets may not fund our debt etc. He's back to Jaws mode wank.

What is clear as a result is that on 19 March 2020, Rishi Sunak did not want to close down the county to save people's lives because he was frightened that bond markets would not fund the UK's debt. Not only was that callously indifferent, it also showed he neither understood how government funding via money creation works, or understood how QE had worked even though he was about to use it again (or have its use imposed on him, more likely).

Ignorance coupled with indifference is a scary combination. Sunak had both, by the bucket load, by the look of it.

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