A peaceful solution to the crisis in Gaza will have to be found

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I posted this short thread on Twitter this morning:

I have realised I have no choice but comment on this issue as I am scheduled to be on a television discussion programme this week where the issue is bound to be raised.

I might have more to say as a result, but I open with this comment for good reason, which is that however appalling the actions of Hamas (which they are, and which I totally condemn) this remains an ethical issue where the rule of law must be respected.

Every Israeli, whatever their background, has the right to live their life in peace.

So too does every person in Gaza, again, whatever their background.

In my opinion these rights to life are inalienable. International law seeks to uphold that right. As a country, so should we in that case.

Ultimately, and very obviously, a peaceful solution to this crisis will have to be found. The elimination of Gaza is not a peaceful solution.

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