Why won’t Labour deliver what the people of this country want?

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Kenan Malik wrote this in an opinion column in The Guardian today:

The paradox is that the public in Britain is more liberal today about immigration than are most politicians. Yet the timidity of the Labour party in challenging reactionary claims, or in articulating an alternative vision, has allowed the right to frame the debate and to pursue unconscionable policies. The far right does not need to be in power for its ideas to percolate more widely, even within societies that think of themselves as “liberal”.

I think he is right.

As data I noted from the FT yesterday also shows, this is just a true on climate related issues, where people are also much more inclined to favour action than politicians from the right or supposed left are willing to suggest in their policy proposals.

So, why is it that Labour is so reluctant to reflect this inclination amongst the population at large in their policy agenda?

Is it that they spent too much time watching Top Gear over the years and now live in fear of that culture?

Could it be that they have a deep-seated insecurity when it comes to standing up to the interests of big business when the latter so clearly want what the country does not?

Or is that they simply do not do ideology-based politics and so go where the money is, with money filling the vacuum where their convictions should be?

I fear it's all three.

No wonder we are in trouble.

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