The British public is fully behind ambitious green growth

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As the FT noted this week in an article from the always interesting John Burn-Murdoch:

It's not often these days that one thinks of Britain as having advantages over other developed countries, and less often still that those advantages stem from unity across a famously divided electorate, but for some time now support for the pursuit of net zero has been broader and deeper in the UK than any peer country. And it's not just flimsy support for vague concepts, but for real policies, including those that would hit people in their wallets or otherwise impact their daily lives.

His point, as always in his articles supported by graphics, was that the UK public is way ahead in its green thinking than most countries and that our politicians are being dragged along in the public's wake:

His conclusion was:

It would be wrong to interpret a close by-election result and one poorly designed policy as Britons cooling on net zero. The British public — including Conservative voters — is fully behind ambitious green growth. Confident parties and leaders would channel those sentiments, not undermine them.

I agree.

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