The economics of walking about in Scotland

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This is the conclusion to my article in The National yesterday:

There are few countries in the world with better natural resources capable of delivering renewable energy way in excess of its needs than Scotland. It is the export of that excess energy that will make Scotland tick. And if it can export that energy in manufactured form by turning that capacity to generate power into the energy intensive products that other countries will not be able to afford to make, then the value-added that Scotland might make could be even bigger.

Any plan for Scotland's future that does not put renewable energy at its heart will be missing the point of what will make Scotland tick in the future.

The choice for Scotland is does it want the advantage that this brings or is it willing to let the politicians and bankers in London exploit it? It is as simple as that.

The conclusion makes sense, in itself.

What went before it is an example of the economics of walking about. I suggest that may also be worth reading.

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