The US Army knew that anti-wokeism was fascism in 1945. Why don’t we acknowledge it now?

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I am grateful to today's edition of Heather Cox Richardson's 'Letter from an American' for pointing my attention at en extraordinary publication from the US Army in Match 1945. It looked like this:

That is some introduction.

What followed were five pages of discussion on the dangers of fascism, intended to inform US troops on the attitudes that they might meet in Germany, which they were close to part-occupying by then.

Some of the highlights are:

And this:

Then they moved on:

The next section was:

There are reams of thought that flow from that - and the current oppression of wages in the UK.

The paper moved on to:

This is particularly telling:

I have included most of the next section, it resonates so much:

And so the paper moved to its conclusion:

In support, the paper says:

I stress, this is a slightly edited version of the paper.

But what it says is one very clear thing.

Unless we are 'woke' we cannot beat fascism.

And 'anti-wokeism' is fascism.

The US Army did not use that term in 1945, but they might as well have done.

We should use it now.

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