When will we get price controls to limit inflation?

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I noticed a report in the FT yesterday that said:

That is an astonishing fall.

So, I then looked at the Drewry WCI index that monitors the cost of transporting a freight container on key routes around the world. It looks like this over the last five years:

As is apparent, one or two routes excepted, freight rates are back to pre-Covid rates. So world trade is back to normal.

So if trade is back to normal and there are now no apparent supply shortages, with the capacity to meet demand clearly existing, the question has to be, why is inflation continuing?

We know there is no wage / price spiral, because wages are very obviously lagging prices just about everywhere, so that cannot be the answer.

The only obvious answer in that case is that profits have risen and are being maintained. Greedflation is keeping prices high.

The question is then, when will we get price controls if business refuses to bring them down by itself?

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