The Tory problem is small-minded thinking

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I noted this tweet last night from long-standing right-wing MP John Redwood:

Redwood is wrong, of course. He usually is.

'We' will not need to build two cities the size of Southampton a year.

First of all, that is because populations will be widely spread.

Secondly, and rather more importantly, immigrants invariably come here to work, and so in effect, they will provide the resource to build their own accommodation, whether directly or indirectly.

The language used is absurd. The idea that there will be immigrant cities is implied, and that will not happen. But, more importantly, to ignore the contribution migrants can (and always have) made to the UK economy is to be deliberately misleading.

But that is the way of the right.

It is why they really cannot be trusted to manage the economy. If you cannot think of the consequences of actions, you should not be put in charge of managing those actions. Small-minded thinking is their Achilles heel.

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