Young people and finance: there is more to do

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A lot of people commented on my post on financial education for young people yesterday. I appreciated that.

It became clear that a number of resources are available, of which the best produced is probably that by Marin Lewis and various associates. They have produced four versions of an educational book on this issue, one for each nation-state in the UK.

The contents page of the UK book is:

The tax pages say:

The book has some merits and also problems.

It is pitched at 14 to 16-year-olds. I am not sure why. I really doubt that they are thinking about mortgages.

The above section on tax is also far too simplistic for that age range, I think, let alone an older one. I am not asking for in-depth analysis, but this section should discuss a bigger range of taxes, including the one that all young people pay, which is VAT.

However, better this resource than none. But the issue that concerns me is delivery and the need to encourage young people to access this (which they won't via a book).

I hope the reasons for that concern become more apparent this week, but thanks for all the contributions made: they assisted my thinking.

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