Sometimes even the Tories have to admit that nationalisation is the answer

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The Guardian has reported this morning that:

As they note:

TransPennine Express is to be run by the state after ministers announced that the failing rail company would not have its contract renewed.

Transport secretary Mark Harper said that the northern rail network will be run by the state-owned operator of last resort after disruption, cancellations and a huge decline in the service.

The First Group-owned TPE's contract expires on 28 May. Passengers and politicians across the north had called for change.

So, in a nutshell, the Tory transport minister has been forced to admit that privatisation has not worked in this case and that nationalisation has a better prospect of doing so.

Admitting that this is true for the whole rail network would be the best next step forward.

And it would be good if Labour might agree, but no doubt they will find a reason not to do so given that nationalisation is now anathema to them.

Why is it so hard for our politicians to understand that public service requires public control?

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