I don’t believe the police apology to those members of Republic that they arrested

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The BBC, amongst others, has reported that  “the Metropolitan Police has expressed "regret" over the arrests of six anti-monarchy protesters on Coronation day.”

As they note:

Republic chief executive Graham Smith, who was among the group, said he has now received a personal apology from police officers.

He said he did not accept the apology and would take legal action after no charges were brought against him.

Elaborating on their statement of regret the BBC noted that:

The Met also confirmed it had used a controversial new law to detain the group.

I do not believe the police. Politely, they are asking us to believe in yet more fairytales if they expect us to think that these arrests were a mistake.

They announced zero tolerance of protest in advance of the coronation.

They got new powers enacted days in advance of the coronation to arrest without reason.

Republic had been completely open and honest about their intentions, I know. I get their emails. And so there was no new “intelligence” for the police to act on to justify their actions, as they and those seeking to excuse them (Ed Balls, I am looking at you) claimed. There was just a police conspiracy to appease Suella Braverman by showing zero tolerance that backfired spectacularly in both the UK and around the world.

And now they have not only had to eat humble pie, because their actions were so obviously unjustified and unjustifiable -  because not only was the protest peaceful but there was never a conspiracy that it should be anything else  - but they have now paved the way for rightful demands that use of this law be restricted until such time as it can be repealed.

The only impediment to that happening is Labour's support for these laws - which looks most especially crass now, but that I expect that to change Keir Starmer's position

And why do I care so much?  Because if they start with restricting the right to protest then not long after they will come for those who write what they disagree with. That's why. And I still don't trust them not to do so.

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