Labour in the gutter

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Labour put this Tweet out yesterday:

This is way below the belt.

Politicians do not sentence criminals, as Keir Starmer should know.

They do not even bring cases to court, as Keir Starmer should know.

And the provisions for sending abusers to prison for up to 14 years do exist, and have for a long time, as Keir Starmer should know. If they are not used we have to assume judges do not use them for good reason. As Keir Starmer should know.

So what is this advert all about? It is about making the victims of abuse the plaything of politicians. And that is utterly unacceptable. Just as it is unacceptable to suggest Tories control the courts.

Labour should be ashamed of itself. This attack advert is playing in the gutter.

Some of the best advice I ever got was that I should not ever fight a pig. I would only get muddy, and the pig would enjoy it. The inference was 'do not descend to the gutter'.

Labour clearly has not heard or taken heed of that advice. They would be wise to do so and never go near such base messaging again.

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