If we want to live for a reasonable time in the UK we can’t go down the US healthcare route

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The Tories have been trying to undermine the NHS in a bid to deliver private healthcare for the benefit of those who own companies in that sector for so long that it is almost normal to now think that is what is happening in our healthcare system.

John Burn-Murdoch has published a Twitter thread based on his articles in the FT on this issue, comparing health outcomes in the UK and the USA. The first three tweets were as follows:

There is much more in the thread. I stop at this point for a good reason. As John Burn-Murdoch himself makes clear, it is shocking to realise that as a result of spending twice as much of their GDP on health care as we in the UK do the US only manage to produce an average result the same as the worst in the whole of England.

That is not just staggering: it shows how dire Tory thinking on health is. And it shows us that the only way to deliver the healthcare we need is via a state-owned and funded NHS.

There is only one way to fund the future of healthcare, and it is to restore the NHS to the service levels we can very obviously afford because we had them only a decade or so ago.

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