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The glossary about which I have been writing for the last couple of weeks has, after a remarkably short gestation period and a lot of effort, begun to go live.

The glossary is now an option on the toolbar at the top of this site.

The glossary can be accessed in a number of ways. First, on the glossary page this index will always be found:

The entries currently published that begin with A are shown. As the glossary is expanded (and there are over 200 draft entries already in it that I just have to do a final check on before they go live, with another 150 already written and waiting to be added to the site plus 150 more yet to be written but whose titles I have noted) then these indexes will be automatically updated.

Clicking on any of the entries noted above brings up the content in question.

However, most importantly, the entire site from 2006 onwards is also reindexed every time I publish an entry so that wherever a term in the glossary appears in a post then a hyperlink to the glossary is added so that anyone reading it can refer to the glossary to find out what that term is about.

The glossary also cross-refers to itself. As entries are added (and I will do this as quickly as I can) then I hope that these cross-referrals within the glossary will make it an iterative method of learning about the issues to which this blog refers.

As usual, comments are welcome. However, please note that there is no comment option on glossary entries or dealing with the potential volume they might give rise to might become unmanageable. I am finite. Instead, I make this suggestion in the introduction to the glossary:

The glossary is not complete. It will grow over time. If you think there are entries that need adding please let me know by emailing Please also feel free to suggest edits. The best way to do this is to copy an entry into Word and then send me a track-changed document indicating the changes that you suggest.

The email address is new: it will help me track entries relating to this issue.

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