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I have been talking about the glossary I am working on quite a lot of late but to add this facility has required a fair amount of updating to the rest of the blog, much of which has changed as a result.

To make clear what is now on the site the following notes summarise what each page is now doing. All are available from the menus that are accessed, if you cannot see them, via the box with three parallel lines in it at the top right of the Tax Research screen.


This page provides information on how to contact me and Tax Research LLP. It also provides a summary of all my major activities and income streams and provides a link to the Tax Research LLP accounts for those who want to look at them. They provide much more information than is required by law.

Richard Murphy

This page is a more in-depth summary of what I have got up to and do now and also provides a copy of my CV for those who are curious.

Comments, moderation and GDPR

This page sets out the blog's comment policy, its data protection policy and notes on how we are GDPR compliant.

The moderation policy is important, and commentators should read this. It is the basis on which some people find themselves banned from commenting when they are in breach of it.


This is an updated page on donations and how they can be made.

How to pay for it 

This page describes the planned end result of the work that has now begun with the work on the glossary. The ultimate goal is to answer the question beloved of journalists that asks, 'How are you going to pay for it?', which no politician seems to know how to answer. This is a work in progress as yet.

Neoliberal myths

This page refers to the stage between publishing much of the glossary and answering the question 'How are you going to pay for it?'. The plan is to bridge this gap with answers to many of the dire neoliberal myths that are used to maintain the economic status quo that now exists and which are so beloved by all neoliberal politicians. The page includes a list of some of those that will be tackled. Suggestions for more are welcome.


This page catalogues all the Tax Research UK videos that I have made.  It seemed a little crazy given all the effort that went into making these that they were hidden from view when some people like accessing information this way. I am open to suggestions for more.


This is my publications list from my academic CV who want to know what I have written over the last decade or so.

The glossary 

This is still not live yet, but it is getting very much closer to being so. I am expecting it to start to go live next week.

Advanced search 

People asked for a better search engine on the site. We added one. And this is a note on how to use it. It is working well for me.

I hope all that helps.

My thanks to Andy Moyle who made all this possible by sorting out the site in the way I wanted. Everyone needs a tech person. He is a good one.

Thanks for reading this post.
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