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have no doubt I could write several posts this morning.

Ministers are lying.

Public services are in chaos and employees in them are rightly protesting.

The lies continue on everything from immigration, to Brexit, to what the country even is.

And the economy needs the exact opposite of what the government and Bank of England are doing to it.

However, Christmas is approaching rapidly and these days in the run up to it are usually amongst the best. So, whilst I am not saying there will be no more posting (because I know my inclination to hit a keyboard too well for that to be true) I am taking a note relaxed attitude for a few days. To have both my sibs at home is quite uncommon right now. I am going to enjoy their company until the urge to write something hits me, that is. And as they have grown up with their Dad on a computer for more hours a day then have just about ever managed I think they will forgive me when I do so again.

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