Ed Balls seems to think balancing the books is more important than tackling climate change

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This tweet was put by Channel 4 yesterday:

In the video (which is live in the link) Ed Balls says that Labour must above all else reduce debt as a proportion of GDP and that if it does not do so before the election he seems to think that it is unelectable.

Balls said this in the context of a discussion on the Green New Deal. His clear implication is that borrowing to tackle climate change has to be within this constraint. He seems to think that balancing the books is more important than saving the planet.

Ignore the fact that he is doing the job of George Osborne, sitting beside him. Remember instead that he is married to Yvette Cooper and that what he is saying is probably Labour thinking.

And then worry for our future when thinking as bad as this is apparently what Labour has to offer as an alternative to the corruption of the Tories.

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