It looks like Labour will follow the Tory’s plan for austerity if they get into office

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I have already mentioned being on the Jeremy Vine Show today. Just about the last comment Jeremy made was that as far as he could tell Labour had no answer to what the Tories were doing, or appeared to agree with it.

There was rare unanimity for that studio when Mark Littlewood and I are in it.  I had to agree that Labour appears to be on precisely the same wavelength as the Tories.

I wrote about the in The National in Scotland today:

The link in the Tweet is live and access to the National for a whole year need cost no more than £1 right now.

My conclusion in that article was:

Having written this I heard Pat McFadden on the BBC's Politics Live being intensely questioned by Faisal Islam who tweeted this as a result:

It would seem that my assumption in The National was right: Labour is planning to follow the Tory plans if they get into office and accepts that there are the wholly artificially manufactured constraints the Tories have created to impose austerity as if they are real.

I despair.

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