Getting the message out there

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It has been a bit of a week. I have suffered a post-sinus infection throughout it and as a result, was unable to do much of the day job (book writing, it should have been, this week). Covid has been, and still is to some extent, a grotty experience. Perhaps as a consequence, I did a lot of social media stuff.

The various threads I have posted over the past few days have been well read on Twitter. I think I have probably had over 10 million impressions on that site since Wednesday, having done a quit review. I have also had over 10,000 new followers.

However, the job is to promote ideas that might improve people's lives noticed. So in that regard, I liked this comment made by James O'Brien  on LBC yesterday morning on the thread I had published earlier that morning:


He was right by the way: I had been on LBC on Wednesday and there is a rule there of not being able to repeat for 48 hours.

But, the message is getting out there.