We are in a very dangerous place

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I believe in democracy. And the Tory party leadership campaign is the perfect explanation for why we need the widest possible franchise of those able to vote. As the Tory candidates tack ever more right-ward in their desperate attempt to capture the votes of ageing, white, privileged males whose primary concern in life is keeping others in their place - which is below them in their own opinion - we see all the dangers of making decisions on the basis of too narrowly defined interests.

But, there again, this is exactly what the Tory Party is now all about. Pack the Lords. Make it as hard as possible for ordinary people to vote. Hand the power to decide the date of an election to the Prime Minister, alone. Reduce the power of local authorities. Deny the right of nation states to determine their own future. Exercise control by lying. Corrupt the state to support the lies. Reward your buddies come what may. Line up riches after office. This is the anti-democratic party that wants to perpetuate its right to govern forever, believing as they do that they have a natural superiority that affords them the right to do so.

And what do we have as an Opposition? A party that will not practically support the right to strike when the two Tory leadership candidates say that they want to constrict it again.

I have mentioned feeling exhausted this morning. I think it’s Covid that is causing that. But the desperate state of UK politics may not be helping, because we are in a very dangerous place.