We need freedom from fear

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I wrote this yesterday:

A vision has to address people’s hopes and their fears. Everyone has both. The balance between them determines the public mood and in turn the priorities for an economic vision.

The predominant public sentiment in the 2020s is fear. The fear is of:

- insecure employment
- low pay
- of never being able to call a place home
- ill health and the inability of the NHS to deal with it
- old age and not being cared for
- that no one cares about your community
- climate change
- a lack of freedom to be yourself as you really are
- A lack of physical security.

A vision must in that case tackle the fear that comes from relative poverty, isolation and the fear that comes from worrying about whether we might even have a future to enjoy, let alone one we can afford. We need freedom from fear.

Is that fair?