Why has the media ignored the dismantling of democracy in this country that took place last night?

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I put this poll up on Twitter this morning because I was curious to see what the answer might be:

People cannot see the results before they vote.

I am aware that my Twitter audience is self-selecting, but also quite large.

My concern was that some Tory with a serious personal issue who is deeply abusive as a result was grabbing all the headlines this morning when there are actually bigger issues on the political agenda today, important as ending that abuse is.

Note that questions can only be 25 characters long. But even within that constraint what is clear is that people are much angrier about the cover-up of Matt Hancock and Public Health England having chosen to kill people than they are about porn in the Commons, and the failure of Labour to uphold democracy in the Lords last night is an even bigger story. Despite this, the healthcare story has been promoted using Hancock's spin that he has been exonerated when that is emphatically not true, and the assault on democracy has been almost completely ignored.

Why is that, is the obvious question?