Coming soon – the Mile End Road Economists’ prescription for getting out of the recession that’s coming out way

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Having announced one publishing venture this morning, I also note that Danny Blanchflower has spilled the beans on another.

Danny and I describe ourselves as the Mile End Road economists because the Mile End Road is the road out of the City of London towards the East - to the point where the Peasant's Revolt reached its climax. Our view is from beyond the City walls, seeking to promote economic policies for the well-being of those who do not enjoy the privileges of those within them.

Fed up with the fact that all major political parties still seem to think it more important that they balance the government's books instead of worrying about the well-being of people in this country, we suggested to The Mirror that they might like to publish an article suggesting that there was an alternative agenda that could be pursued.

It's now been accepted by the editor - and we expect it to be out soon.

The aim is simple: we want to change the terms of debate and put people and not balancing government finance at the heart of the political economy.

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