Saving democracy

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I have already mentioned that I did an event for West Country Voices last night.  The biggest question asked was ‘what can I do?’

I have a suggestion that elaborates on what I did last night. It is that those who support democracy have to act to deliver it, working in cooperation to do so. They should demand from their politicians:

  • Active political alliance to deliver electoral and legal reforms to deliver a proper democracy, embody it in society and to provide the institutions to protect it;
  • Agreement to work in cooperation if ever these structures are challenged in the future;
  • Active agreement to support these structures within the Union and if any country decides to leave it, beyond the Union so that the protection of democracy becomes an issue where support can be asked for and supplied, including by providing extra-jurisdiction judicial support if needed;
  • An agreement on a new economic settlement - that we will promote full employment, the meeting of need and the delivery a climate transition within a framework designed to deliver that goal;
  • Agreement to enhance accountability so that never again can a party, a person or a government hold the country to ransom to support the interests of a few at cost to the many;
  • Agreement to uphold freedom of the individual, the right to free expression without being abusive and of a diverse media that can support the structures of democracy and protect against challenges to it;
  • Agreement to support the independence of the judiciary and the right to access the law

Do all that and then there has to be right to disagree thereafter, precisely because that will then be possible.

Why is it so hard to get democratic politicians to agree on this? To get them to do so is vital now if democracy is to survive.