For the greater good, Johnson has to go now

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So, the Prime Minister’s Private Secretary invites 100 people on the Prime Minister’s behalf to a party in Downing Street in May 2020 when anything remotely like such an event was banned by law but the impression given by Downing Street this morning is that nothing can be said about  this until the investigation by civil servant Sue Gray into Downing Street parties is concluded.

It would seem that the defence is that the Prime Minister cannot know whether he attended a party, with his wife, in his own back garden until a civil servant tells him that he did, with his hope being that in the meantime people will have forgotten about it. As defences go it has to be one of the worst on record.

It denies that Johnson knows what did and is aware of what is happening in his life and around him.

It demonstrates a total unwillingness to accept responsibility.

It is contemptuous of the law and all who complied with it.

It indicates a desire for power above all else.

Any denial is very obviously a lie. The event happened.

It leads to questions about police corruption. The Met quite literally policed the event.

The time for excuses has ended. Johnson willingly broke law he created, just as Cummings did at around the same time.

Can we really have people with such contempt for all that they are supposed to uphold in office and retain any credibility in government. For the greater good, Johnson has to go now. There is no room for argument left now.