You can’t do money without double entry

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I was reading Steve Keen on Minsky yesterday, as you do on Boxing Day. This is from his PDF on Minsky without formulas, which is available as a download, I think:

What follows thereafter is entirely comprehensible if you do know double entry and have some familiarity with modelling on a computer. For the rest of the world? It will be hard going.

However, I share the quote for a reason. Steve rightly says:

To really answer [the question 'How are you going to pay for it?'] you have to understand the dynamics of our monetary system—and that means you have to understand double-entry bookkeeping, because that’s the way banks and governments create money, and keep track of financial transactions.

For that reason, I am going to have to explain the double-entry of banking in the forthcoming book. But nothing like the way Steve does with a Godley model. That's not to say they are wrong because they are not. It is because most people will not follow them, and everyone has a right to know this.