The Green New Deal is about unification around a new vision of society

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This letter from my fellow Green New FDeal Group members, Caroline Lucas MP and Clive Lewis MP, was in the Guardian today, referring to the same article by Aditya Ckarabortty on which I commented yesterday:

Aditya Chakrabortty is right: there isn’t one green new deal, there are many versions – and that’s a strength, not a weakness (Muddled, top-down, technocratic: why the green new deal should be scrapped, 11 November). What underpins them all is the understanding that a plan of action to avert the worst of the climate crisis won’t work unless it also addresses a broken economic model that is not only trashing our planet but failing to deliver for millions of people, increasing inequality and eroding the fabric of our communities.

Aditya draws a false dichotomy between state-led action and a bottom-up approach. The truth is, neither can succeed alone. There are some things that only the state can do, while others are best led locally. Both are required.

We need the state to properly fund our NHS, invest in green technologies and the transformation of our infrastructure. And we need the government to bring an end to fossil fuel burning – it’s shameful that Boris Johnson has not signed up to the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance, launched this week at Cop26.

Aditya urges us to get real: you don’t get much more real than the climate assembly process or the Reset Inquiry we ran last year. Both found that the public were well ahead of politicians in their demands for a greener, fairer Britain.

Unless we act, the future may well be a version of business-as-usual, with all the damage it’s doing to our society and planet. That is a political choice. Alternatively, we can choose to manage the transition so that it addresses deep-seated inequalities and transforms our broken economy, brings life back to our communities and reduces our damaging impact on the planet. Let’s all work together to bring that version of the future into being.

Caroline Lucas MP for Brighton Pavilion; Clive Lewis MP for Norwich South