The biggest threat to the fight against climate change is Trump

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As the FT report this morning:

The Virginia governor’s race has always been treated as a referendum on the White House incumbent. The result this time — with Democrat Terry McAuliffe losing to his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, a year after Biden swept the state by 10 percentage points — amounts to a referendum squared.

This is worrying. A year in Biden is fading, largely because his own Senators will not support his actions in the Senate. He cannot get his programmes through. And Virginia has moved back to Trump as a result.

Trump could stand again in 2024. There are three threats.

First to US democracy, which will be hollowed out for good.

Second, to world peace, as Trump seeks to take on China.

Third, to the hope of tackling climate change, which Trump denies is happening.

I have but one word of advice to offer: worry.

The US voter may yet opt for Armageddon.