What is the point of the Tories now? And why are they still in power?

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What is the point of the Tories now? And why are they still in power?

The party of business could not give a damn about its fortunes.

The party of law and order breaks the law whenever it feels like it.

The party of tradition is destroying our parliament democracy that is built on respect for precedent.

They have allowed tens of thousands to die in this country with no good reason; it was simply their own incompetence that caused these deaths.

And the party that was once for empire, intervention and active foreign policy has not just disengaged from foreign engagement, but has proved to be a witless and impotent partner in a military defeat.

As for one nation, we could not be further from that if we tried. Inequality is rising, rapidly.

It’s not even clear what the nation is anymore with the likelihood of the UK’s demise in its current form now very high.

And yet the Tories retain a stubborn, albeit slightly declining, lead in opinion polls.

Is that because Labour appears an unattractive alternative?

Or is it because people don’t care that we have a rotten government, because they’d rather we had a bunch of psychopathic dogmatists in charge even if they are incompetent?

Or is it simply because people in this country do not believe change is possible anyway and that come what may this is pretty much what we are headed for? Is it that they think that the Brexit vote in 2016 really did seal our fate both domestically and in the world at large, and that failure is now our destiny?

I genuinely do not know the answers to these questions. All that seems apparent is that in a failing state with a failed system of democracy with a failing government comprised of those who would fail at any task they were given, even if it was running a school tuck shop, authoritarianism appears to appeal to a sufficient minority to perpetuate a populist government in power even though what it is doing is so obviously against the best interests of so many who would seem to be its natural supporters.

In such a malign environment what is to be done to effect change when the forces of authority and the media are willing to sustain the grip on power that the Tories have despite all their failings?

That might be the question of this age. And the answer is still not apparent.