If the food supply chain collapses will the public finally see through Brexit?

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This tweet is worth sharing. I have checked the story in Motor Transport, which appears reputable:


So, what is happening?

First, it would seem as if a D notice has been issued to prevent this story being discussed. That the supply chain might get worse is not being mentioned in the media.

Second, if the Road Haulage Association is to be believed the government is doing nothing to prevent this crisis.

Third, you might almost believe that the government wants a story that is very clearly related to Brexit to be related to Covid instead.

What is actually happening? It would seem that three things are.

First, there is denial in government of the scale of the issue that they have unleashed with Brexit.

Second, there is willing to make excuses, rathe than take action.

Third, I rather strongly suspect that they think that they can sacrifice Grant Shapps to this one, and Johnson will survive again.

But if food supply moves from being an inconvenience, which it is now, to becoming a serious issue, which it seems that the Road Haulage Association thinks it might be, will the public be foolish enough to just think this the result of the pingdemic when simultaneously it is claimed that the number of cases is falling and the sensitivity of contacting has been reduced? I doubt it. I think they will smell a rat and decide that this is not  a Covid issue.

All governments have to ride their luck. Johnson certainly has. However, evidence from Conservative Home suggests that even within the Tories Johnson’s own popularity is waning now. In that case it is very likely it is elsewhere.

So, will the backlash against a government whose ability to keep any promise is so obviously limited begin when food shortages become real, and the panic the media are obviously trying to avoid sets in? It may.

I just hope that it is understood that the issue is Brexit though, because it is. This is not  Covid issue. Time will tell.