The government’s backing for One Britain One Nation day is profoundly wrong

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There are so many things wrong with this (the video in the tweet can be played):

Let's start with the obvious contempt within this policy for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Let's call this, for that reason, racist.

Let's also note that this is explicitly an English policy: education is a devolved power.

Let's note it is not clear what Britain is: there is no accepted definition.

Let's then note that this has implicit within it all the messages of supposed unity that have always characterised those seeking to impose their enforced will.

Let's just call this one step from the sort of fascist messaging that I always presumed that the countries of the UK opposed.

Let's simply call this brainwashing.

Let's say this is the last vestige of colonialism, gone mad.

Let's just say that this is profoundly wrong.

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