The morning view

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This does not happen very often, but I woke up this morning, immediately picked up the iPad to review the news, as is my usual habit, and went straight back to sleep.

I admit, I must have known that this was the first day for some time that I have no scheduled meetings. I guess I realised that if such a thing was to happen then it was possibly today. But, nonetheless waking up not long before 8 did feel very strange.

Having done so, and having now scanned the news what it’s there to say?

The Met is institutionally corrupt. That’s number 1 on the list. But I think many of us already suspected that. Line of Duty did not come out of nowhere. The reality is shocking nonetheless. And I will note, as I did in a tweet last night that seems to be have been popular, that there is an odd coincidence that the Met not only seems to have dragged its feet on the Daniel Morgan case but has also done so on allegations on Vote Leave electoral abuses. I think that the time for another enquiry is nigh.

What else to say? That on reading the numerous emails I get each morning from the FT there appears to be a common theme, which is that there is a remarkable lack of preparedness for climate change. At the same time there is a very obvious and growing demand from the investment community for data on climate change that is not being met. It is easy to see why. I attended an Institute of Chartered Accountants seminar on climate change accounting yesterday. 35% of those attending made no climate related disclosures. 51% only made them in the narrative part of the accounts. That left 14% at most making any reference to climate in their figures. The biggest economic issue on the planet is not being accounted for, as yet

Other issues are notable. People are still not happy that the government is not offering further support to business despite delaying reopenings. There is a rumble growing that all is not well in the business world. From 1 July many businesses face new cash flow demands, including repaying the loans taken on to survive Covid. In a great many cases that is simply not going to be possible. For all the optimists sitting on their personal cash piles there’s a small business wondering how to meet bills. Watch this space.

And? Well the word is that it’s going to be very hot and I have a 2,000 word essay to write for a quite surprising newspaper that has asked me for a vision piece; two papers with Sheffield colleagues to review prior to final submissions, and a book chapter on tax ethics to finish in the next week. There are words to write in the absence of meetings to attend and discussions to be had.

Those word will be written, but there may not be as many as usual on here today.

Oh, and happy Bloomsday. For the record, I did not have kidneys for breakfast.