Restricting the right to vote has always been the desire of a privileged elite

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As the Guardian notes this morning:

Britons will have to show photo ID to vote in future general elections, ministers are poised to confirm this week, as a means of tackling fraud which critics claim could deter poorer and ethnic minority voters from taking part in democracy.

And so the retreat from democracy continues. Millions have no reason to have photo ID in the UK. And there is no evidence of literally any significant voter fraud in UK elections. But keeping those without photo ID from voting matters more. And so the Tories plan a wholly unnecessary electoral reform when what is really required  is PR - from which they will also be moving away in mayoral elections.

You could not make this up.

But it is happening.

Fascism creeps on its way, as those pursuing these agendas desire. As a privileged elite they have always loathed the idea of a universal mandate. This is another way of restricting it.