Murphy believes

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Ruth Strachan, who strikes me as a pretty thorough journalist, has written a review of the economics of Scottish independence in the Investment Monitor, available here. 

The oddity about the article is how many times the word Murphy appears. I couldn't help noting a few 'Murphy believes' as well, which is true: he does.

I can't complain about getting a word in, but so did other views. I did however get all the conclusion:

Murphy adds: “The reality is, Scotland has competitive advantages that right now the UK is missing, and England is missing. The lack of confidence that there is in England, in government, in the state and everything else compared with the belief that people have in Scotland in their ability to actually deliver something different, is inestimable in value.”

It is this emotional side to the economic argument that has power to harness potentially undecided voters on the topic of independence, whether Scotland can afford it or not. At the time of writing the outcome of the May election is unknown, but the SNP is expected to hold a majority at Holyrood once the votes are counted. The party must then look to answer, as definitively as possible, what the economic plan for an independent Scotland would be.

If it can shed some light on the shadows of the Scottish economy, the SNP could potentially harness not only Murphy’s perceived goodwill of the people, but very serious and educated support for independence.