Why vote for someone who does not respect your vote? 

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It’s a depressing fact that although there are many elections this week turnover is unlikely to exceed 50% in any of them. That will be true even in places like Scotland, where the outcome really matters. In places like East Cambridgeshire, where I will be voting it will be much lower.

Why? Partly because politics alienates people.

Partly too because people see the outcome as pretty inevitable in too many cases, like East Cambs..

And partly  because parties who know that results are inevitable make only token gestures at reaching out in far too many cases.

The solution is twofold. One is universal proportional representation (and yes, I know it will be in use in the elections with the highest turnouts this week, which makes my point) so that every vote counts. The second is mandatory voting.

Both support democracy.

Neither of the two largest parties in the UK want either of them.

That makes it quite hard to support them. Why vote for someone who does not respect your vote?