Our descent into being a police state is extraordinarily rapid

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If there is one thing that we now have to accept as certain that we would rather not do it is that we have a violent, politically motivated police force intent on suppressing the freedom of those on the left of the political spectrum to express their opinion whilst simultaneously  permitting those on the right to promote their opinion unimpeded by police aggression.

In that  context this tweet is worrying:

The world over we have seen that the ability of individuals, citizen journalists and, on occasion the mainstream media themselves, to record police violence against innocent people simply exercising their human right to express their opinion and to congregate to do so is all that we really have as a defence against police brutality.

And now the police want to deny people the right to literally record that brutality.

Why would they do that if they did not want to use their brutal approach unhindered by any constraint?

Our descent into being a police state is extraordinarily rapid.

I wonder for how long I will be able to write comment like this, which is why it is important to do so now.