Budget day

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Today is, of course, Budget day. Although how much there will be left fo the Chancellor to say is hard to work out given the number of advance leaks that there have been.

Budget day has meant being in the Radio 2 studio for about the last decade for me. Today I will be at home. And I will be tweeting throughout the speech, with immediate reactions.

However, from about 1.30 I will be joining Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 thanks to Facetime. I will be live on air, in what is the most listened to budget reaction in the UK. As usual, I will be with Mark ('Comrade'', as I call him) Littlewood of the Institute for Economic Affairs.

I have interviewed scheduled after that. But, I do expect to get blogs out. And by late afternoon hope to have published a budget video.

It will be a busy day.

And my expectation? That Sunak will be too optimistic, will underestimate the need for support and will overestimate the recovery and will, as a result, be back at the Despatch Box well before the next scheduled budget in the autumn having to announce extensions to the plans he will put in place as Britain heads for another lockdown this summer.