Andrew Wilson is doing his best to undermine independence for Scotland

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Andrew Wilson, who Chairs the Scottish Growth Commission for Nicola Sturgeon, has an article in the FT this morning on the supposed detailed plan for an independent Scotland. In it he says:

On currency, the Scottish National party proposes to retain sterling for the transition period required to ensure that the country is ready – and clear tests met – to launch its own currency.

This, of course, is blatantly untrue. The SNP policy, agreed by the Party in conference, is not that at all. The actual SNP policy is to go for an independent currency as quickly as possible, and there are no tests attached.

This matters for three reasons. First, politicians who ignore their parties lose them. At a critical moment the SNP still might.

Second, politicians so clearly not telling the truth  are then not trusted on any issue.

Third, what Wilson then describes is a policy far removed from independence that will crush an independent Scotland.

He says his policy will mean Scotland will not have an independent central bank. He says it means control of monetary  policy will remain in England, and he says the pound will be used. In effect, he says Scotland will choose all the downsides of independence and none of the upsides. In effect, he wants to prove Scotland is too wee and too stupid to run its own affairs, which is what he clearly believes.

There are two conclusions. One is that the SNP does not need Wilson claiming what is not true. The other is that the cause of independence does not need the likes of Wilson, who would appear to be a dedicated devolutionist who would be most happy in the company of Gordon Brown and Michael Gove.

Scottish independence is not as yet a foregone conclusion. Andrew Wilson would seem to be doing his best to prevent it.