Brexit is failing and the two leading parties are determined to block consideration of any alternatives. So where does that leave us?

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I tweeted this last night:

I rather suspect that most politicians will not agree to such an idea, as yet.

But the reality is that Brexit, even with a trade deal, is proving to be at least as difficult as many forecast, me included. Far from helping Britain prosper its consequence is that we are already very obviously going to be a poorer and very divided kingdom, with Northern Ireland (at least) feeling more than ever a part of another country.

I am entirely realistic about the fact that there needs to be a learning curve whilst adaptation takes place, but the problems now arising appears systemic. Put simply, there are very real obstacles to trade now that will increase costs, deny choice, and make it very hard for previously viable businesses to operate. This should not be a surprise: that was always going to be the logical consequence of leaving.

Despite this there is now no party in England, apart from the Greens, saying that a return to the EU should be considered, and yet a substantial majority in the country would now seem to think Brexit was a mistake.

In that case there is a real issue to be addressed here. Not only do we know that Labour and the Tories operate a conspiracy to block the realistic prospect of any other party getting a chance in the UK electoral system, but they are also acting to deny choice in the rump of an electoral system that we have got.

Scotland has seemingly overcome this, by uniting around a single issue. That does not mean Scotland does not face issues if its own. It clearly does, but many of them are the result of a conspiracy by Labour and the Tories to block the choice Scots want to be able to take. So, the issue there comes back to much the same thing that the rest of us face.

The reality is that not only do we have a rotten electoral system in first past the post, but we also have an electoral conspiracy between the two major parties that we do have, whatever their leaderships might be, to block real choice on many issues, come what may.

So the question is, what do we do about this? How do we break this hegemony that is so very obviously bad for the UK as a whole?

For once I admit that I do not have an answer. I wish I had.