Will the Democrats deliver a Green New Deal?

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Amongst news of the attempted Trump coup in the USA yesterday came two other pieces of news of significance.

One was the win by two Democrat Senators in Georgia. The consequence is that the Democrats now control the Presidency, House and Senate. In principle it is now their time to act.

The second was the appointment of Bernie Sanders as chair of the Senate Budget Committee.

The events might be linked. It is no secret that Stephanie Kelton is close to Bernie Sanders.

And it is no secret that some Democrats want a Green New Deal funded using the principles of MMT.

Might this now happen? It has to be said that there are plenty of Democrats who are also not convinced, which is worrying.

What this does mean though is that the US Democrats are now on trial. How far are they willing to go to break the economic hegemony that says nothing can be done to deliver a real stimulus linked to creating a sustainable economy? They have to rise to the challenge. Some, at least, are likely to make the effort to get them to do so.