The design of money

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Helen Schofield noted a couple of videos in the comments a few days ago, both produced by X+Chsrritine Desan to whose work she has been introducing some of us. PSR said in he comments of these videos:

I tell you that Helen’s You tube clips are really worth watching — particularly the second one where Desan describes how personal profit began to be accepted as a moral way to make money out of what was a public orientated utility — honestly — it’s well worth looking watching.

So, I am sharing them, with thanks to both. Of the first the Oxford University Press says:

Christine Desan discusses her exciting new ‘Stakeholder’ theory of the history of the modern monetary system, describing its origins and the eventual development of capitalism as discussed in her book.

Christine A. Desan is the Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. She teaches about the international monetary system, the constitutional law of money, constitutional history, political economy, and legal theory. She is the co-founder of Harvard's Program on the Study of Capitalism; with its co-director, Professor Sven Beckert (History), she has taught the Program's anchoring research seminar, the Workshop on the Political Economy of Modern Capitalism, since 2005. Desan's research explores money as a legal and political project, one that configures the market it sets out to measure.

The second is from Harvard Law School and discusses Christine Desan's "Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism" in more detail. I cannot for love no money (joke) embed this in this post for reasons I cannot fathom, but it's available here and is the more useful of the two.