Reaching out for impact

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There has been some discussion on here as to why I have been writing long Twitter threads (up to 4,400 words long) and have then been reposting them on the blog whilst retaining the slightly odd constraint that each paragraph has no more than 280 characters in it.

The answer is quite simple, and that is that this has the greatest impact. Yesterday's thread has had this Twitter impact, so far:

Even some way down the thread engagement remained high - at several thousand per Tweet. That meant people worked their way though it.

Compare that to the blog where total reads of that post, so far, have been 531 out of total reads yesterday of a little over 4,000.

Now, 4,000 was low for any day this year: the daily average reads is around 8,700 this year, giving a total of nearly 3.1 million reads to date in 2020.

But then compare that to the impact of the thread on QE from a week or so ago:


Of course, 845,573 people did not read that tweet. Byt 47,050 probably did. And more than 3,500 liked it and more than 2,000 shared it. That's a reach the blog simply has not got.

I am not going to overburden Twitter followers with threads of this length all the time: that would be absurd. They also take some time to develop. Yesterday's took a week to write, on and off of course. But I don't just write for fun; I also write to have an impact. And Twitter is a place to get that, it seems. So, for the cynic suggesting I was wasting my time there, I think otherwise.