How did UK politics reach this low point?

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I am not the first person to note that government ministers were lying through their back teeth about the benefits of Brexit yesterday. On this occasion the BBC has called them out. Things must be bad:

I support the call many have made on Twitter for the Tweets of UK government ministers to be marked as being of questionable truthfulness, in the way that many of Donald Trump's have been.

I also believe that in any normal circumstance the ministers would be expected to resign for telling blatant falsehoods. But these are not normal times.

At least there appeared to be widespread agreement that Gavin Williamson made a complete fool of himself on LBC when claiming the UK had authorised the vaccine first because we were a better country than all the rest.

But this is serious. If coronavirus is bad, I believe Brexit will be worse, if not in terms of deaths caused (although even that is possible). That means we are dependent upon these fools.

The only good news is that the country has noticed:

As that polling shows, Labour would at this moment take back almost  all the Red Wall seats that it lost in 2019, such is the scale of disenchantment with Tory performance, except on economics. And wait for Brexit to solve that.

We have all been taken for fools by people who do not care if they tell the truth or lie.

How did it come to this?

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