The Biden game really was not good enough. Labour and the SNP need to take note.

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There is a lesson to be learned from the US presidential elections, and those for the Senate and House.

There are two ways to present that argument. One is long winded, and the other is short. I’m going for the short option.

Trump did well. Biden did marginally better. But if you want to know why Biden did not race home the explanations are easy to find.

He took minorities for granted.

He offered very little in the way of policy that might enthuse anyone.

And he did not offer hope as a result.

So the lessons are, don’t take anyone for granted; do offer real policy alternatives and don’t make them dogmatic but simply ensure that they offer what might best be called on the ground hope.

Bland is no longer good enough.

Presumption is not acceptable.

And the left can win. But it really is time it did so by out-thinking the right, and by explaining why it’s ideas are the right thing to do.

I hope Labour and the SNP are taking note. They need to, because right now both are playing the Biden game, and it’s really not good enough.