The demand for government support for business is going up – and the schemes are coming to an end

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This data was published today by the government.

It shows the demand for so-called 'bounce back loans' that have been made available to help businesses survive coronavirus.

76,000 new loans announced then. And rising sums being made available (and yes, I know the time intervals are not all equal).

But my point is sevenfold. First, business is not bouncing back.

Second, the scheme is coming to an end soon.

Third, as yet there is no replacement.

Fourth, most businesses with more than 1 employee in the UK will now have accessed this scheme.

Fifth, loan repayment is going to burden these businesses for a decade when grants would not have done so.

Sixth, the price of this will as a consequence be seen for a long time to come, quite unnecessarily.

And, seventh, things are going to get worse despite this scheme.

Without continuing support we are still in deep trouble.