Coronavirus has made very clear why we need electoral reform in the UK

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The idea that the economic downturn that we are nw facing might be prolonged and ghastly is, I think, slowly beginning to permeate the collective consciousness.

That it was unavoidable because, government action or not, people were going to change their behaviour in response to Covid-19, does also seem to be increasingly understood. So let’s get over the blame game. The primary  fault for what’s happened and is going to happen lies with a virus.

But that’s not to say that mistakes have not been made. They very clearly have been. Governments, like that of the UK, have made massive errors of judgement. They have acted too late. They have failed to take collective interests into account. Some of their responses look as though they border on cronyism. And by comparison, other governments have done vastly better, whether we look to Germany, New Zealand, and many countries in Asia.

There is not an absolute rule to follow to suggest why some did better than others. But I suggest that in the UK at least part of the problem is that we have a system that imposes government on us. And with a large majority, the attitude that action can be imposed imbues this government with a mantle of authority that it is abusing, time after time.

This mantle of authority is misplaced. And we have to change our electoral system to make sure it can never be imposed in such abusive  fashion again. I explain how in this video: