Government is very different when it’s not run for the benefit of landlords

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It's interesting to see how different government is if it is not run to serve the interests of landlords. I suspect that very few people think that the Welsh government is run for the benefit of Cardiff landlords, and that is certainly apparent from its latest announcement which has been summarised by the Financial Times:

The Welsh government has set a new post-pandemic target of 30 per cent of the workforce working from home in defiance of UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s “back to work” message.

Mark Drakeford, the Welsh first minister, has concluded that the shift in work patterns over the spring and summer — caused by the Covid-19 lockdown — has had various positive benefits. The government in Cardiff will therefore seek to drive “changes to Wales’s working culture” to help people’s productivity and work-life balance.

And the reason for this:

At the same time it will argue that the plunge in the number of people working in offices has reaped a green dividend through a sharp drop in road congestion, pollution and private car use.

Quite so. This is a substantially more enlightened view than that offered by London. There should, however, be no surprise about that.