The UK’s slump will ultimately lead to the break up of the union

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This is from The Express this morning:

The UK has entered recession after a 20.4 percent contraction between April and June. The UK's slump is also one of the biggest among advanced economies, according to preliminary estimates. Chancellor Rishi Sunak warned last month that the recession would represent a difficult time for the country. Richard Murphy of Tax Research UK warns that the growing frustrations with the economic crisis will ultimately lead to the break up of the union

He said: "In the middle of all this we have Brexit as well as the potential for Scotland to leave the union.

"The last prime minister to lose a part of the union was Lloyd George, and he was the last liberal prime minister.

"If Boris Johnson loses Scotland in the middle of this, is he the last Conservative prime minister?

"I ask this seriously, because he has created a situation where it will happen now.

"Will Scotland stay? I don't see any way. They will leave at some point. This is the collapse of the whole national morale.

The union could break after the recession, Murphy warned

"Our identity is at threat here if he doesn't get the answers to this economic question right."

I'm not quite sure why the Express is so keen to feature my opinions right now. But getting the message out there in such media is important so I am not arguing.

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